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Oliver B. Photography
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“The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.”

Mark Twain

"Verlassen sind wir doch wie verirrte Kinder im Walde.

Wenn Du vor mir stehst und mich ansiehst, was weißt Du von den Schmerzen, die in mir sind und was weiß ich von den Deinen.
Und wenn ich mich vor Dir niederwerfen würde und weinen und erzählen, was wüßtest Du von mir mehr als von der Hölle, wenn Dir jemand erzählt, sie ist heiß und fürchterlich.

Schon darum sollten wir Menschen vor einander so ehrfürchtig, so nachdenklich, so liebend stehn wie vor dem Eingang zur Hölle."

"We are as forlorn as children lost in the woods.

When you stand in front of me and look at me, what do you know of the griefs that are in me and what do I know of yours.
And if I were to cast myself down before you and weep and tell you, what more would you know about me than you know about Hell when someone tells you it is hot and dreadful?

For that reason alone we human beings ought to stand before one another as reverently, as reflectively, as lovingly, as we would before the entrance to Hell."

Franz Kafka

"One may have a blazing hearth in one's soul and yet no one ever came to sit by it. Passers-by see only a wisp of smoke from the chimney and continue on their way."

Vincent van Gogh

"I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it."

Evelyn Beatrice Hall, The Friends of Voltaire

P.S.: You don't need to thank me for the fav or watch! If you want to thank me, I would very much appreciate it if you had a look at my gallery. :)
P.P.S.: Don't ask for likes on facebook; I don't use FB, nor do I intend to. Thank you!


Not that anyone cares, but I put ~250 old deviations into storage earlier today. No point in having 1000+ deviations when at least 1/4th of them make you cringe when you look at them. Stare

I also caught a nasty cold, which sucks. Will probably upload a new Deviant ID when I'm better, though.
Recently I upgraded my aging computer with a new CPU, mainboard, RAM and cooler, and also added another SSD and a new power supply unit shortly after. It took a whole week to get everything working (including returning parts that weren't broken to the vendor via mail because I was being stupid) at which point I upgraded to windows 10 and did a fresh OS installation. It's been running great ever since - until I turned the PC on today and the power supply died 5 minutes later... a mere 19 days after I bought it! WTF?

To make matters worse, this happened less then half an hour after the shop I bought it in closed for the weekend. Good thing I didn't throw the old PSU in the trash (yet).

bad computer luck is baaad

An unexpected gift / Thank You feature

Journal Entry: Sun Jan 8, 2017, 5:23 AM
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An unexpected gift / Thank You feature

Dear friends, watchers and visitors,

seems like I am making a habit of not writing journals anymore, doesn't it? The main reason for this as well as my recent lack of photography, literature (and whatever else you may be expecting me to post) is my state of health; however, that is not why I am posting this journal today, but because I want to extend a very special 'thank you' to a fellow deviant!

Having been a regular non-core member for a while, I was absolutely delighted to see that :iconpin-n-needles: had given me a one month core membership as christmas present! :happybounce:

As a small token of my gratitude (and because I haven't done one of these in far too long) I would like to feature her outstanding work here in this journal. Please do visit her gallery if you haven't already - you'll probably fall in love with her art as much as I did when I first saw it! :nod:

Without further ado, I present to you the art of :iconpin-n-needles: pin-n-needles !

Audrey Hepburn by pin-n-needles Who's That Girl by pin-n-needles

Ava Gardner by pin-n-needles   Rita Hayworth by pin-n-needles   Marilyn Monroe by pin-n-needles   Dorothy Lamour by pin-n-needles   Elizabeth Taylor by pin-n-needles

Veronica Lake by pin-n-needlesLauren Bacall by pin-n-needlesGene Tierney by pin-n-needles

Vivien Leigh by pin-n-needles  Veronica Lake by pin-n-needles  Marlene Dietrich by pin-n-needles  Hedy Lamarr by pin-n-needles

Magneto by pin-n-needles    Paul Newman by pin-n-needles    Clark Gable by pin-n-needles    Sherlock by pin-n-needles

Khan by pin-n-needles   Sir Terry by pin-n-needles   Magneto by pin-n-needles

The horse by pin-n-needles Jump by pin-n-needles

Be safe, my friends, and may 2017 be a better year for all of us!

Until next time!

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Dear friends, watchers and visitors,

it's been a while since my last journal, hasn't it?

Those of you who have only recently put me on their watch list (thank you!) may not know about my artistic inactivity prior to last month. Up until April 24th I had not, in fact, uploaded any new photographs since last November; and most of my artistic activity since last year was literature.

Now I know that literature, more specifically poetry, isn't as popular as photography (after all, it takes much more time to read and comprehend a wall of text than it does to quickly glance at an image - and who is willing to spare that much time these days?!), and I know that at least some people removed me from their deviant watch because of that. I'm okay with that, and I understand. However, I would like to thank all of you who are and have always been with me, no matter what! Your support fills me with joy, and I do hope to repay you by bringing you the same kind of joy through my photography.

Speaking of which, I recently went on a trip to the Wildlife Park "Schwarze Berge" near Hamburg. It was my first visit in 9 or 10 years, and I don't have any photos from the last time around (because I wasn't yet as crazy about photography back then). Needless to say that I used the opportunity to rectify that issue! Here are a few shots from my most recent visit:

Eurasian Brown Bear by OliverBPhotography Raccoon by OliverBPhotography
Alpine Ibex by OliverBPhotography
Small-clawed Otter by OliverBPhotography German Grey Heath by OliverBPhotography
Smug Face by OliverBPhotography Fallow Deer by OliverBPhotography
Eurasian Brown Bear by OliverBPhotography
Eurasian Eagle Owl by OliverBPhotography The Eyes of the Hunter by OliverBPhotography

For those of you who do like to read (and write!) poetry, there are also a few new works; April was National Poetry Writing Month and I participated for the first time ever this year! After that monstrous daily poem challenge I finished last year with a whopping 100 poems (of varying quality, I must admit), it was a nice and welcome opportunity to get going, err, writing again!

Here's a selection of my NaPoWriMo works:

NaPoWriMo 2016: #03 - Fan Letter to BeethovenDear Mr. van Beethoven,
please let me express my adulation
for your entire musical creation!
No matter if it's serious or popular,
all your music is ganz wunderbar!
Both playful and inspiring awe;
your fifth is without a flaw!
Oh, but listening to your number seven...
is as close as it gets to heaven!
The dearest of senses you had already lost,
but you finished your ninth - at any cost!
While others chased fame, sold out for a dime,
you music was meant to stand the test of time!
I'm shouting it out, to hear and to see:
Long live the genius of Ludwig van B.!
NaPoWriMo 2016: #06 - Identity"Why are you so sour?", asked the banana.
"Because I'm trying to set you straight", the lemon replied.
NaPoWriMo 2016: #08 - An Ode to Rosespale and pink, yellow and bright
crimson red, or pure and white
layer for layer, round and round,
colored blossoms rise above ground
gripping beauty, from edge to core
enthralling the senses, lusting for more
wonderful! mysterious! complex!
without a doubt the apex
of grandeur, inspiring poetry and prose:
you guessed it, my friend; the name is rose.
NaPoWriMo 2016: #15 - Rigil KentaurusYellow and orange are these giants of light,
the days under their sky are sure to be bright.
Sunset and sunrise - spectacles to behold!
This twin-sunned experience will never get old.
Another sibling faintly glows red in the distance;
yet hardly anyone takes note of its existence.
While yellow and orange are burning themselves brightly,
the red one bides its time and changes ever so slightly.
When in trillions of years, after all is said and done,
the red one will still glow, the others are long since gone.

NaPoWriMo 2016: #17 - AstronomyI'll never forget how you taught me astronomy:
Whenever I looked deep into your eyes, and you smiled back, I understood
what albedo meant (you must be the only stellar object that reflects more light than it receives)
Then there were the days you were going crazy, and I wished
there was something like an ephemeris for people (so I knew where you'd be tomorrow)
And irradiation... how you seemed larger than life with all the darkness
that surrounded your bright existence (sometimes only darkness can show us the light)
The way I kept revolving around you in a low orbit taught me
what it truly meant (you were the center of my universe, but I would never be closer to you)
Oh, the scintillation... It was the things between us
that made you twinkle all the more (heat and cold were in the air)
The time and place when your light suddenly went black,
that was our terminator (in more than one sense of the word)
You felt you were being held prisoner in my
NaPoWriMo 2016: #25 - Food for the Ravens"This it is, and nothing more,"
I mutter, shaking, trembling.
"The rot has spread into my core;
hence my life I will be ending."
What joys once filled out all my being!
Then, in days long lost in time.
Their loss is what has me now kneeing;
poised to end it in my prime.
It all began one fateful morn,
I recall it oh so clearly.
For that poor beggar did I scorn;
my arrogance would cost me dearly.
"Rot in hell, you highborn scoundrel!"
This and worse he yelled at me.
"Oh! The next time you seek council,
not a soul will look at thee!
"All your fortune you will lose,
not a penny you will keep!
Your happiness and health will ooze
out of you while you're asleep!"
The poor man's prophecy, no, his curse
came true much sooner than you'd think:
It started out with just my purse -
I could not pay for my own drink!
Soon thereafter, by devil's hand,
all my business went to ruin.
I lost my fortune, lost my land,
I had to face my own undoing.
Well-nourished had I been before
with rosy cheeks and belly
NaPoWriMo 2016: #29 - I rememberI remember hitting my head on the open door of a cigarette vending machine. Trying to duck under it while running was a terrible idea.
I remember asking that cute funny girl in first class if she wanted to be my girlfriend. She said no.
I remember wanting to kill someone after getting beat up by someone much older and stronger for the first time.
I remember how I accidentally got someone else hurt by throwing a brick at them. I didn't mean to hit them. Ever since then, I haven't been able to hit things by throwing at them.
I remember looking into the elevator and seeing someone who wasn't there. My friend who was with me saw it, too.
I remember snapping at my classroom teacher on the day I graduated elementary school.
I remember feeling betrayed and being made fun of by people I thought of as friends.
I remember taking photos during a class trip. The camera vanished shortly after getting home, along with the film in it. It was never found.
I remember forgetting to prepare for the first
NaPoWriMo 2016: #30 - To the Judges of the ArtsTo the judges of the arts
Silence, ye judges sober and hard!
for I drink wine, I am a bard.
Do what I do, quaff some wine,
and you will see the beauty mine.
If not, ye sober judges of the arts,
you will not see it in your hearts.

For those of you in the northern hemisphere, spring should either be in full swing or at least somewhere around the corner. Here's hoping to good weather and even better light for all of you photographers out there!

Always be safe! Until next time, my friends!

Dear friends, watchers and visitors,

yesterday, something happened that I can only describe as - please excuse the use of an overused popular term - 'awesome'.

It all started with this deviation, which I also uploaded yesterday:
InvidiaA folly of proportions worthy of a titan
to believe the green-eyed monster had been slain;
it never dies, never loses, merely retreating
to the shadows. Scheming, plotting; sweet and cruel
it keeps on whispering in my ear. For it is
neverending and relentless, and it does not fight fair:
Striking from the dark with claws made of doubt and
a tongue made of the most wicked lies. But worse yet,
its deadly fangs are forged in the fires of love and affection.
All it takes is a word or two and all hell breaks loose:
No chains can hold the beast in place when it lunges at me,
slashing at the heart when the defenses are down.
Know that I will not succumb to the beast's temptation,
no matter which poison it aims at the heart or mind;
but know just as well that I will not give up -
Countless battles and wars I have lost
(so many that I have become good at losing)
but this is the one I can not afford to lose;
They say 'all is fair in love and war',
but I've never been one to play by the ru

Shortly after posting said deviation, fellow deviant Viidith22 asked me if I would give him my permission to have him do a voice-over for the poem. His voice-overs are fantastic, and this one certainly isn't an exception:

Needless to say that this absolutely, positively made my day. :D

I highly recommend you check him out on DeviantArt as well as on youtube. (:

Until next time, my friends!
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